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    When can I register?

    Registration will open on Wednesday, May 3rd at 10:00 am and close on Thursday, June 1st at 4pm. 


    How do I register?

    Registration is done online by the student and their guardian. They will complete the registration by visiting and completing the application form. All courses are run based on sufficient enrollment and teaching staff. Once the application has been reviewed further email will be sent. Please ensure valid email contact information is entered during registration.


    How do I know my application has been submitted?

    Once you submit your application you will receive an email verification request for all emails provided in the application. These must be verified before you will receive your confirmation email. Please check your junk mail folder if you do not receive these emails.


    I am planning a holiday for a week in July and will not have computer access. Can I still take the course?

    No. Although the courses are online, they are not self-paced. Teachers set deadlines which must be met. Online courses may require group work and participation in class discussions. Students must log in daily.


    How much time will it take to complete the course?

    You need to plan to spend approximately five to six hours a day in order to complete full credit courses and two to three half hours a day for half credit courses. The amount of time it will take to complete the course will vary from student to student. Full credit courses require 110 hours of work while half credit courses are 55 hours. 


    When will I be able to access my class?

    Login credentials and timetable will be emailed to you on June 30th. When you receive this you are required to login and review the student guide to ensure you know the VLC policies. You will not see your course(s) until Tuesday July 4th at 7 am.  


    Can I take more than one course?

    No. Given the compressed time period, students can only take one credit during the summer session. Civics and Careers are half credit courses so students can take both.


    How will I know when assignments are due?

    Your teacher will post a course overview which specifies exactly when the assignments for each module are due. Your teacher will also post messages throughout the course.


    Late work dates

    Teachers will set due dates for their course assignments. As summer school is operated at an accelerated pace it is imperative that students stay on track and meet all assignment due dates and times. Extensions will not be provided. 


    What if I need help?

    You can email your teacher for help with your course. Open office sessions will be provided weekly. You will also be able to access technical support online. More information is provided in the Student Orientation which you will be able to access from our website when you have a login and password.


    Is there a final examination / Culminating task in my course?

    In the course description it indicates if a course has an exam or culminating task. 


    For courses with an exam students must complete the final examination on the day and at the time set by the teacher. The writing of exams must be proctored using Proctorio. More information is provided on the VLC website. Students must be available for the final exam date. Exam date: July 27th, 2023 (no exceptions).


    For courses with a culminating task students must submit the culminating task by 8:30 am on July 27th. There are no extensions for this assignment.


    I have never taken an online course before.  What is it like?

    Visit our website and take the tour ( This will provide you general information about taking an online course. The student guide will provide you with details on how the courses work, for example how to submit assignments and get technical support.


    What if my computer breaks down during the course?

    Students are responsible for their computer and connectivity. You will need to make alternative arrangements until your computer is running again.


    Are there fees?

    No. The deposit will be waived for the 2023 summer school session.

  • Registration Instructions
    1. Search below for the courses you would like to apply for and click the "Add To Summer Semester" button beside the course you wish to request.
    2. You must "Confirm" every course that has a prerequisite. A transcript or other documentation confirming the prerequisite is required if not taken through VLC.
    3. Click the "Continue Step 2" button under the "Ready to Proceed" section.
Summer 2023 Course Offerings
Course Code Course Name Grade Add to Registration
CHV2O-SS Civics, Open (1/2 credit) - Summer (Description) 10
GLC2O-SS Career Studies, Open (1/2 credit) - Summer (Description) 10

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