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Course Code Course Name Grade Add to Registration
FSF1D Core French, Academic (description) - (Prerequisite: Minimum of 600 hours of French instruction or equivalent) 09 Not available Semester 2
FSF1P Core French, Applied (description) - (Prerequisite: Minimum of 600 hours of French instruction or equivalent) 09 Course Full Semester 2
ENG1D English, Academic (description) 09
ENG1P English, Applied (description) 09
MFM1P Foundations of Mathematics, Applied (description) 09
CGC1D Issues in Canadian Geography, Academic (description) 09
CGC1P Issues in Canadian Geography, Applied (description) 09
GLS1O Learning Strategies 1: Skills for Success in Secondary School, Open (description) 09
AMV1O Music (Vocal), Open (description) 09
Course Full 2
AMG1O Music (Guitar), Open (description) - (Prerequisite: Playable Acoustic Guitar) 09 Not available Semester 2

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