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2023-2024 Course Offerings
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Course Code Course Name Grade Add to Registration
SBI3C Biology, College Preparation (Description) - (Prerequisite: SNC2D or SNC2P) 11
SBI3U Biology, University Preparation (Description) - (Prerequisite: SNC2D) 11
SCH3U Chemistry, University Preparation (Description) - (Prerequisite: SNC2D) 11
ENG3C English, College Preparation (Description) - (Prerequisite: ENG2P) 11
ENG3U English, University Preparation (Description) - (Prerequisite: ENG2D) 11
MBF3C Foundations for College Mathematics, College (Description) - (Prerequisite: MFM2P) 11
MCR3U Functions, University Preparation (Description) - (Prerequisite: MPM2D) 11
MEL3E Mathematics for Everyday Life, Workplace Preparation (Description) - (Prerequisite: MPM1D or MFM1P) 11
OLC4O 11 or 12 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course Open (Description) - (Prerequisite: See Description) 12 Not available for registration
MHF4U Advanced Functions, University Preparation (Description) - (Prerequisite: MCR3U ) 12
SBI4U Biology, University Preparation (Description) - (Prerequisite: SBI3U) 12
MCV4U Calculus and Vectors, University Preparation (Description) - (Prerequisite: MHF4U) 12
SCH4C Chemistry, College (Description) - (Prerequisite: SNC2D or SNC2P) 12
SCH4U Chemistry, Grade 12, University Preparation (Description) - (Prerequisite: SCH3U) 12
SES4U Earth and Space Science, University Preparation (Description) - (Prerequisite: SNC2D) 12
ENG4C English, College Preparation (Description) - (Prerequisite: ENG3C) 12
ENG4U English, University Preparation (Description) - (Prerequisite: ENG3U) 12
MAP4C Foundations for College Mathematics, College Preparation (Description) - (Prerequisite: MBF3C, MCF3M or MCR3U) 12
MEL4E Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life, Workplace Preparation (Description) - (Prerequisite: MEL3E) 12
MDM4U Mathematics of Data Management, University Preparation (Description) - (Prerequisite: MCR3U or MCF3M) 12

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